Terms and Conditions

Before ordering, please read the terms and conditions. When you order products from this website, by phone, or via mobile applications, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
If you have any questions, complaints and suggestions please Contact us.
By placing an order you accept the general terms of use and privacy requirements for online and mobile food ordering. When you order, we forward your order at the restaurant. When you place an order, we will send you an SMS that the order is being processed and you should expect a response from the restaurant within 10 minutes. Further communication is done between you and the restaurant via SMS. The restaurant is responsible for the preparation, quality and delivery of your order. Conditions of delivery depend only on restaurants. Skyfood is an mediator in the whole process of food ordering.
You agree to be careful especially when you give us your personal information and guarantees that your data will be accurate and complete at the time of ordering.
We will take all reasonable steps to ensure the details of your order and your account, and for this reason we can not be held responsible for any losses you may suffer if a third party attempts unauthorized access to your data that you entered when accessing this page.
Each order that you place is subject to the unavailability of the product, capacity delivery, specified price, selected time and acceptance or rejection by restaurant.
About any change of your order you will be notified via SMS from restaurant. The confirmation message will include details of order, time of delivery specified by restaurant and total price. If their conditions are not appropriate, you can cancel your order. Order cancellation must be carried out within few minutes of placing order.
If the restaurant does not accept your order, in the SMS will be highlighted reason for rejecting.
Prices and Payment
All prices listed on amigos.rs are correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to change them in the future. We also reserve the right to change products or services available for sale on the website as well as the termination of cooperation with certain restaurants, or termination of service delivery.
Skyfood makes a great effort to update prices.
Restaurants may change the price at the time of ordering (increase - if you specify any special requirements or decrease - if you are a regular customer and restaurants want to give you a discount). In the confirmation SMS you will see order details, products, time and price. You always have the option to cancel the order if any of these are not appropriate for you.
Delivery prices are listed on the restaurants pages with other essential information of the selected restaurants.
You can pay your orders by cash or credit card in a restaurant or to courier on delivery.
Time of delivery that you selected by ordering is subject to change. If the restaurant is in a crowd and can not prepare at the selected time, they will change it at the most closest time. All the details of your order will arrive in confirmation SMS from the restaurant.
Order will be delivered to the address that you provided when you ordering.
Delivery is performed by restaurant or its delivery partners and because delivery time is their responsibility. The restaurant will do the best to deliver all orders on time. If the food did not arrive at the agreed time, please contact restaurant. If delivery is late, costs still will be charged. If restaurant fails to make delivery on time, because of customers error, the customer will be responsible for the delay.
There may be a situation that a restaurant can not do delivery to a location at a specified time. In this case your order will be canceled immediately after ordering, and you will get an SMS message with the details of the rejection.
In the case that you want to Cancel your order, e.g. the price is higher than you expected, delivery time is not what you planned, you have not entered the correct address etc. you need to do that a few minutes after placing the order.
Order can not be canceled if the restaurant has start processing your order or delivery has already been dispatched.
You will be notified by SMS if the restaurant accept cancellation or not. If the restaurant did not accept cancellation, order will be delivered and must be paid. The restaurant can reject order if the product is not available for any reason, if restaurant is too busy, or if not delivery in the region. If the restaurant rejected order, in the sms will be highlighted reasons for refusal.
You agree to provide us with accurate and complete information in appropriate fields.
You authorize us to use, keep, or process personal data in order to provide you with food delivery. You have the right to view and edit all your personal information that can be found on the website.
We take your complaints very seriously because we want all our customers to be satisfied.
If you have any problems when ordering on the site, with the application, you do not receive the SMS such as shown on the Help page, please contact us. You can contact us for everything related to the ordering process. Each complaint will be processed as soon as possible by a member of our team.
The restaurant is responsible for everything about the orders, product, delivery and you need to contact them for everything that interest you.
Limitation of Liability
We apologize for any mistakes that may appear on the website, but we guarantee that we will remove all deficiencies and errors as soon as possible.
By accepting these Terms, you agree to relieve us from liability which occurred as a result of your use of the information on the site, or liabilities arising from the preparation and quality of food and delivery.
We do not accept responsibility for the delivery and preparation of food, everything that is not the result of our work, so we are not responsible if you incur losses, damages or expense.
We have taken all possible steps to prevent online fraud and to ensure all data collected from you. We kept them in the safest way. However, we can not be responsible for the extremely unlikely event of a security breach of our computer servers.
Privacy policy
This Privacy policy explains how we amigos.rs use your personal data that you provide when using our site, mobile apps or order via sms.
We are committed to protect the privacy of all visitors to our site, and visitors who access through mobile application. When you visit our website, you may be asked to provide information about yourself: your name and contact details (telephone numbers and address). We also collect information about your usage of the amigos.rs.
Information about using website may be collected using cookies. We use this tehnique to increase user comfort, to improve the quality of site and service. The cookies that uses amigos.rs allows us to help you to speed up the process of ordering. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer by websites you visit. We use cookies only for the duration of your web session, and expire when you close your browser.
We analyse the information we collect from you. We can manage, support, and develop our business. We can use them for any other statistical or analytical purpose and to help us prevent fraud.
We can use your information to contact you for notify about news and changes to the site or service.
You agree that we may share your information with third parties (restaurants, marketing and advertising sectors).
We take all steps to protect your information from unauthorized access, unlawful processing, destruction and damage.
If there is a change in the Privacy Policy, the changes will be posted in this document. All changes take effect after publication on the website.